Mother and Me: Alzheimer’s, Play, and Nature

My mother, she has Alzheimer’s, you know. Well, maybe you don’t know. As the disease has progressed, I have learned to live in the present with her, glad that we are still able to communicate with one another.

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Mother's Day Rose

This time has been bittersweet. The disease continues to alter her memory, which slips away with time. Yet we find so many ways to connect. One of those ways is now play, including painting together. 

Happy Mother’s Day and many more mother, wife, farmer’s daughter, lumberjack, and sod-layer. 

Many thanks to all of my friends who treated my mother with so much love this weekend. 

Photos courtesy of and by Dianne Glave

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  1. It’s so awesome when we find some way to connect. I wanted Mom to help me plant her hanging basket, which she did by standing inside talking to me through the window, marveling that I had grown all these flowers – confused that I had not grown the long stem roses. Fantastic Mother’s Day made so much more special with the knowledge that every passing Mother’s Day could be the last one she remembers being Mom.

    • Dianne, I truly enjoyed the time I spent with you and your family. I honestly had forgotten you’d told your mother has Alzheimer’s, but as the evening progressed it returned to me. The laughter and tender patience I experienced with you all was a blessing. My brother is driving my mother from New York to see her cousin in Cleveland, OH this coming weekend. My mom doesn’t fly. Cousin Catherine has Alzheimer’s. I’m praying that God grant my mother emotional strength and encouragement throughout the visit. She and Cousin Catherine were more like siblings growing up together. My mom last saw her at my dad’s funeral 2 years ago and Catherine was still quite lucid then. Forgive me for rambling on. I just ask for your prayers, and of course, I’ll continue to keep you in mine. Thank you again for the wonderful time and look forward to hangin’ with you soon.

  2. Diane, your mother is beautiful as is your father and sweet brother. I enjoyed meeting them on Sunday and had no idea that your mother had Alzheimer’s; she was simply delightful. I will pray your strength. God has already given you the strength that you need. You have made a profound impact on me and I sincerely hope that we will keep in touch. You have purpose and God will use you mightily.

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