Pittsburgh: Where the City Meets Nature

Pittsburgh is a walking city. I love that kind of city. Washington, D. C., Philadelphia, and Chicago are much the same. Even Los Angeles has pockets of great walking including beach cities like Venice and Santa Monica. Downtown Los Angeles has some wonderful spots for strolling–Chinatown the garment and business districts, Little Tokyo, Pueblo, and the Staples Center to name a few places–though some might disagree because of crime and safety issues.

Back to Pittsburgh. I traveled there for the weekend and realized I had left my trusty digital camera behind at home. I made due learning how to use my Samsung Eclipse camera phone:

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City→(Earth to water to sky to vegetation to food to animals to people)←City.

Photos by Dianne Glave

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    • Well, thank you. Considering the wonder of your photos, I appreciate it. I’m going to take a point and shoot class at some point. When are you going to do a photography class?!

  1. I live in Pittsburgh and I thoroughly enjoyed your photos. There is so much beauty in this “Green” city!. Thanks for capturing a slice of that beauty. I’m inspired to publish photos I’ve taken of the rivers and the flora and fauna of the city parks.

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