Haiti and New Orleans’ Mayor Ray Nagin

Mayor Ray Nagin recommends slate of changes in federal disaster recovery act

When I lived in New Orleans I fondly referred to New Orleans’ Mayor Ray Nagin as Ray Ray and Nay Nay. I knew of him before, during, and after Katrina.  In my mind he wasn’t always accessible to the people in NOLA and that included the months after Katrina. Just my opinion!

Ray Ray and the Chocolate City

See the Chocolate City Video

He’s back. And he’s calling the federal government out comparing the failures of post-Katrina, particularly FEMA to what is going on in Haiti.

Do you think the US federal government failed after Katrina? Are they doing a better job in Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake? Or worse? Are they meeting the needs of Haitians concerning food, water, and medical supplies? Are surgical teams and military forces arriving quickly enough and are they being put to good use? Coming back around full circle to the US, how can the federal government improve their efforts with the next Katrina?

What do you think?