MJ’s “Earthsong” or Rihanna’s “Rude Boy”?

Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” is not your mama’s old school video.

Perhaps Michael Jackson’s “Earthsong” reflects tastes of the past. Maybe environmentally conscious videos are only in the past!? In Jackson’s video, deforestation of the Amazon, the ecological impact of war, and endangered species are highlighted. Ah Michael, you cared about the earth and the people inhabiting it. Here are some of the lyrics from “Earthsong”:

What about sunrise
What about rain
What about all the things
That you said we were to gain.. .
What about killing fields
Is there a time
What about all the things
That you said was yours and mine…
Did you ever stop to notice
All the blood we’ve shed before
Did you ever stop to notice
The crying Earth the weeping shores?

But back to Rihanna. What’s up with the lion and zebra?

Who is the sexual object? ? Rihanna? The men? The stuffed lion? The stuffed zebra?

Rihanna: Good Girl Gone Bad?

Somebody call PETA because Rihanna is a rude girl abusing stuffed animals. There ought to be a law.

Well, both videos have zebras . . . I am most assuredly old school.