This Girl from Queens Can Say She’s Seen American Bison!

I’m just bouncing back from my morning at Shelby Farms in Memphis. Started out with a group a bit after 10a and the Tennesse sun was HOT. The weatherman said it would be feel like 110 with the heat index. He was right. The hike was slated for 2 hours. I made it to an hour. I am not ashamed. I’m just glad I got out there.

Rooted in the Earth at Shelby Farms

And I saw American BISON. That alone was worth the trip. I never thought growing up as an African American girl in Queens, I’d ever see bison.

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Oh, and I was blow drying my hair at home. I looked at my leg and saw what looked like speck of red dirt. Oh no, it was a chigger. I was so shocked, I dropped my dryer and broke it. Creature was red on top with wiggly legs on the underbelly. Yccch.