A Citywalk Challenge

I challenge you to tap into your adventurous side to wander and explore cities around the world. It is a great way to experience the outdoors on urban landscapes, and get in some exercise.

Some years ago, I wandered Milan without a map. Unlike Venice and Rome where tourists are part of the regular scene, those in Milan spoke little English since the economic emphasis was corporate and not tourist. I used facial expressions and hand gestures to communicate. I connected with people even briefly. I looked up at the intimidating houses of couture which seemed to lean over me. I stopped to listen to musicians entertain people in the streets. And I eventually found my way back to my hotel, falling into my bad happy and exhausted by my adventures.

You don’t have to go to Europe to wander a city. There are great places right here in the United States. Here are few photos from a recent trip to Chicago:

I started in Lincoln Park, walked towards downtown using the skyscrapers as my guide, traced the shores of Lake Michigan, and finally made my way back tracing a path along the Lincoln Park Zoo Nature Walk.

Lots of sun and sites that could not have been fully appreciated inside a car.

So I challenge you to walk around, maybe even aimlessly without a map, in one of our great cities! Urban landscapes await.

Photos by Dianne Glave

Visit Your Local Arboretum, Conservatory, and Botanical Garden

To be honest, I live in Georgia but have never gone to the Atlanta Botanical Garden or Callaway Gardens. Something moves me to seek out gardens in other states and cities though. And I did just that visiting the Lincoln Park Conservancy in Chicago. A few photos:

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Visit your local garden, or when traveling anywhere in the world visit an arboretum or conservatory. Donations will also help to keep these gardens in urban places open for all to enjoy!

Photos by Dianne Glave