Thomas Merton Center: Environmental Justice

The Thomas Merton Pittsburgh’s Peace and Social Justice Center continues to do the good work. The center started 40 years ago focuses on social justice based on the non-violent resistance.

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They serve the Pittsburgh community and beyond in the areas of economic justice, anti-war, and prisoner’s right. Just recently, the center launched another committee on environmental justice based in part on faith and spirituality. Wanda Guthrie, one of the Thomas Merton board members, was central in launching this new committee. Many thanks for her hard work along with the other committee members present at the first meeting.

Photos by Dianne Glave

2 responses

  1. Dianne, it was great to meet you. Truth be told, I left that meeting truly inspired by the company I was keeping. This was really my first time to rub shoulders with so many folks committed to social justice (and, in this case, social justice through environmental justice). I am a longtime political activist but, in the last year, I have dived into the environmental activism thing full time – there is little room for ANY justice if we don’t take care of our home. I really hope that we can find some way to involve you and other people of color in the Tour de Frack. Your voice would add so much.

    I look forward to reading your book. I would also love to talk to you about your work.

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