Monuments in Our National Parks

Korean War Veterans Memorial: Reflection of Soldiers on Granite Wall

Audrey and Frank Peterman wrote a wonderful book titled Legacy on the Land: A Black Couple Discovers Our National Inheritance and Tells Why Every American Should Care. As a couple, Audrey and Frank visited and continue to visit national parks. Out of their experiences and hard work, they are two leading black environmentalists in the US. They continue their life’s work encouraging people, particularly people of color, to visit national parks. Take a look at the Legacy on the Land website and facebook group that grew out of the book.

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The many memorials in Washington, D.C. are part of the national parks system in the US. I have long been inspired by the Petermans so visited the Korean Veterans War Memorial and the Lincoln National Memorial. I was moved by the words “Freedom is not free” at the Veterans Memorial.

I never get tired of hearing Audrey say, “Visit your national parks!”

Photos, all but the book cover, by Dianne Glave

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