VH1’s “You’re Cut Off” Goes to the Woods

Ahh no, I’m not about to share about Ochocinco’s dating escapes modeled on football strategy on VH1.

On a Sunday afternoon, I got caught in the reality TV vortex watching You’re Cut Off. Several spoiled women are cut off financially and forced to endure various tests in different episodes. They have to do chores, look for work, and live relatively peaceably with one another. In the episode titled “Fun on a Budget,” the women go out into the woods in the second half of episode 6.

I think I counted the use of the “b” word at least 20 times. It’s about nature but also about how badly women can treat one another ramped up by film cameras on reality TV. A shame.

Camping and campers will never be the same. I also feel sorry for nature in the episode. George Washington Carver is rolling over in his grave. So is Rachel Carsons and Teddy Roosevelt.

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