This Girl from Queens Can Say She’s Seen American Bison!

I’m just bouncing back from my morning at Shelby Farms in Memphis. Started out with a group a bit after 10a and the Tennesse sun was HOT. The weatherman said it would be feel like 110 with the heat index. He was right. The hike was slated for 2 hours. I made it to an hour. I am not ashamed. I’m just glad I got out there.

Rooted in the Earth at Shelby Farms

And I saw American BISON. That alone was worth the trip. I never thought growing up as an African American girl in Queens, I’d ever see bison.

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Oh, and I was blow drying my hair at home. I looked at my leg and saw what looked like speck of red dirt. Oh no, it was a chigger. I was so shocked, I dropped my dryer and broke it. Creature was red on top with wiggly legs on the underbelly. Yccch.


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  1. What an exciting day! The sceanery was stunning and to endure that heat…..Stunning photos! Sorry about the dryer 😦 Close your eyes and think about the day that to others might seem unreachable…and know in your heart that the girl from Queens…did good and has a rich life!!

    • ilene, you KNOW the worst part was breaking my blow dryer. worst than the chigger i had to to to the beauty supply and get a new one with my hair soaking wet. but the best part was i would not have figured out my 10+ year-old blow dryer was not at peak performance. my new blow dryer is like a porsche. so it all worked out.

      pls send me some of your outdoors photos including some fr. the beach. i want to see your good and rich life.


  2. Oh, I haven’t been to Shelby Farms since I was a little girl. My schedule and wallet are so tight, not yet sure if I’ll be home to tweet up with you.
    Wow! I use to see chiggers all of the time – called them brick ants because they were bright fire red and seemed to live in bricks.
    I never had any major probs with them in the outdoors. But the next time chigger gets on you – try clear fingernail polish.

  3. i understand wallet issues.

    the chiggers live in grassy places and bite in warm/hot weather. i did walk in some tall grass when i was at shelby farms. i used bug spray before going out but i think i need something that includes chiggers if i’m in grass again. once they bite the skin gets irritated. it’s not very attractive sporting the bites in summertime in shorts, skirts, and swim-suits. takes several days to fade. and if you scratch it gets even uglier looking.

    thanks for stopping by. good to hear from you.

    i see you are busy. enjoy the rest of your summer.

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