Inaugural Blog Carnival: Challenges of Doing Diversity and Environment

Welcome to my Inaugural Blog Carnival focusing on the joys and tribulations of doing diversity and the environment.

As an African American woman, it has been a long lonely difficult journey sharing the stories of African Americans and the environment. It has also been one of my greatest joys. My goal in my inaugural May 2010 blog carnival is for diversity/environmental bloggers to share their successes along with their trials and tribulations. We have been doing the good but difficult work of getting the word out about diversity and the environment. I invite and challenge you to come join with me to connect with people and find support in one another. Some are connected and others are not. For those who are connected, continue with me creating community. For those who are not, please do join in.

Please submit your blog at my Inaugural Blog Carnival: Diversity and Environment Challenges. The submission deadline is Friday, May, 21, 2010. The blog carnival will be posted on Monday, May 24, 2010.

Dianne Glave

3 responses

  1. Hi Dianne,
    This is great. It can seem like we are lonesome travelers down this road sometimes, but using forums like this will help us find like minded souls who have been working in this area, solving problems for decades.

    Some of my recent successes; working with my colleagues at Georgia WAND to get environmental monitoring for radionuclides restored in Georgia, we got CNN to do a story on the small Waynesboro community of Shell Bluff to bring light to their health issues that may be related to environmental contamination, we facilitated Swedish television news doing a story on that same community.

    Even though we have what seems to be the slowest turnaround even though we input maximum effort and time on these issues, positive outcomes do occur.

    I know it can sometimes seem lonely but you are definitely not alone! As they say in Horton Heres a Who! ‘Nous somme la, nous somme la!

  2. Dianne–Would readers be interested in my experience in Hong Kong and Asian culture and environment, or are you wanting to focus on the African-American experience only (which I would totally affirm!)

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