Keeping it Wild’s April 2010 Earth Day Summit

Come out for an Earth Day Summit on Wednesday April 21, 2010 at 6:30p at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia. The event is sponsored by Keeping it Wild and Agnes Scott College.  


Frank Peterman, Laura Seydel, Felicia Davis (Moderator at the Summit) - KIW @ EcoManor

 Learn more at: KIW Earth Day.  

Keeping it Wild has served the community in Georgia since 2005. It was launched “by several Atlanta citizen-advocates who perceived the need to bring together members of diverse conservation communities in order to promote better stewardship for the natural lands in our area.” ( Ther goal is to connect “people to the land and to each other in order to protect and restore the natural and wildlands of Georgia and the Southeast.” (   

Check out Audrey Peterman in red and KIW’s service with the community in the outdoors:  

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KIW has been good to me over the years. It’s been a great experience participating in their outdoor outings. When I first moved to Atlanta back in 2005, they were one of the first organizations I connected with in the area. I didn’t know many people but still wanted to get out hiking while feeling safe with a good group of people. I have gone to Sweetwater Creek State Park and Cascade Springs Nature Preserve with them and enjoyed every minute of my time on the hikes.

 On behalf of KIW, I invite you to their Earth Day Summit and their outings! 


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